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Stephen's original design

Stephen is the 17 year old protagonist of Pokemon Next generation. He is the son of Deathclaw XIII and the half-brother of Bianca


Stephen is generally strategic, calm, collected, and is sarcastic often. He is known to keep his head on unless he's really annoyed or if he is under pressure.



Stephen obviously loves Bianca as a sibling and is willing to risk his life for her. Bianca always runs to Stephen if she's being teased or is sad.

Barry, Jimmy, PaulEdit

Stephen is friends with these guys. Jimmy is Stephen's closest friend, Barry is Stephen's second closest friend, Paul his third.

The Other MastersEdit

Stephen is pretty nice to the other masters.


Stephen and N have a weird relationship. They hated each other at first, but when Team Plasma fell, N learned Stephen was the Hero of Unova and joined the Masters.


Stephen's childhood was pretty smooth, but that changed when Stephen started his journey. After the start of his journey, Stephen's team was growing rapidly in strenth, size, and most of all power. Stephen got his eigth Unovian badge when he was 16, and formed the Masters when he was 17. He then continued training in the Secret Chamber of Coolness.

Near death experiencesEdit

  • Stephen jumped off a building in Castelia City. He was caught, however, by a mattress truck.
  • Stephen sledded down Mt. silver to catch his father, but had to dodge a huge snowball.


  • Stephen's birthday is Feb. 14.
  • Stephen picked Tododile as his starter, thus cnfirming he comes from Johto.