Paul is a major character in Pokemon NG. He is a Master, like Stephen


Paul only has a few friends due to his personality. He is cold and sarcastic, as well as aloof. However, he is a loyal friend and respects Stephen.



Stephen and Paul are friends. they both stand by each other.


Paul and Jimmy are on good terms, but aren't really friends. Paul will,however, fight alongside Jimmy.

Barry and TripEdit

Paul is friends with Trip, and the idol of Barry. Trip and Paul started off as enemies, but eventually became friends. Barry stalks Paul constantly.

The girlsEdit

Paul is okay with most of the girls, but doesn't like Bianca much. Bianca is just too playful for Paul.


Paul and Cheren agree about weak trainers, and are somewhat friendly with each other.


  • Paul is regarded as rude by N.
  • Deathclaw XIII detests Paul.