Golden game

Jimmy's faveorite video game.

Jimmy is a character in Pokemon NG. He is by far Stephen's closest friend


Jimmy is usually sarcastic, kinda strategic, and sometimes critical. However, he can be nice enough. Jimmy takes pity in trainers that can't beat him.



Jimmy is Stephen's closest friend, and they both stand by each other.


Jimmy takes pity in Bianca because she never beat him.


Jimmy is Marina's boyfriend (lucky him).

The guysEdit

Of course, Jimmy is on good terms with the guys.

The other MastersEdit



Jimmy picked Cyndaquil as his starter. He continued, earning badges and pokemon. Later, he joined the masters to continue his career.


  • Jimmy is 16
  • Jimmy claims to have kissed Marina. It is unknown if he really kissed her, however.
  • He is from Johto.
  • Jimmy had a silver tooth, which was knocked out in NG601 by White 

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