Bianca's potrait

Self potrait

Bianca is Stephen's half-sister and Deathclaw XIII's daughter. She is 15 years old, but has the mental shape of a third grader


Bianca might be an airhead, but she is caring and is very generous. However, she is very gullible.



Stephen and Bianca love eachother as siblings. Bianca will help Stephen, but runs to him for support a lot.

The Other MastersEdit

Bianca claims to be the best friend of the other masters. Marina thinks it's cute. Trip doesn't.


  • Bianca might have a crush on Barry. Barry, however, always gets hurt when Bianca is in the same room as him, so Barry is scared of Bianca.
  • Bianca has a fear of Larvesta.
  • In a lost Halloween special episode, Bianca's costume was stolen. Also, Bianca was tarred and feathered, while butt naked, by ghosts.