Barry Redgerson is a major character in Pokemon NG. He is one of Stephen's friends and is the stalker of Paul. He is also pals with Jimmy. However, his true best friend is Kenny


Barry is arrogant, celf-centered, and rushes a lot. He is also very rude to anybody who gets in his way. Barry also hates clumsy people. However, he can be friendly and rather nice.



Are Stephen and Barry friends? You bet!


Barry and Jimmy are friends, but not really close.

Trip and CherenEdit

Barry and Trip are okay with each other. Barry is enemies with Cheren, though.


Barry is afraidof Bianca because she always injures him.

The girlsEdit

Barry is okay with all of the girls but Bianca. You know why.


  • Barry and Cheren constantly prank each other
  • Barry also announced he thought Cheren was rude.